The Mountain Home MLS covers a fairly large area of North Central Arkansas. One common question we are asked while showing homes is “how much farther is it on this road?” There are a few helpful questions we would like to ask you. Your answer to those questions will help us send you accurate listings. The types of questions we ask might help you understand more about our area. Public water is limited the farther you get from Mountain Home or any of the near by towns. Public sewer is even more limited. Wells and septic systems are the norm unless you are willing to accept a 1/4 to 1/2 acre lot in town. Outside of town our roads may be different than you are used to. You will find gravel roads in our area as well as lonely stretches of 2 lane blacktop. Its important for us to know how much is too much. Another important question is distance to whatever is important to you. If you are considering retiring here maybe it’s the Hospital, Dr’s office, Grocery, lake or river access, college campus, etc. You tell us. Around 90% of all shopping and services are located within 1/2 mile of a 4 mile stretch of old Hwy 62/412 between the ends of the bypass. You will find mobile or modular homes in the twin lakes area are typically outside of town unless in a mobile home park. Feel free to give us plenty of detail in the last box below. We are a small company but will work hard to get you a prompt response. You are welcome to use the space just to ask us a question about our area. Please answer the distance questions in minutes if you don’t mind.

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